2016 “Best Nine”


These aren’t my “Best Nine”, but they are nine I wanted to share. A friend from far away sent me the picture of Odin’s name spelled out in stones today and it helped me realize that since the fraught days of Christmas have passed, I’ve been trying to exist without the weight of losing Odin — attempting to have a “normal” relaxing vacation as I would have a year ago (which I suppose is an okay thing to try for). I’m learning that I need to give my grief its due time. As 2016 ends (and so many people celebrate the changing year) I can’t help but be sad to say goodbye to the year that our son was here with us. So tonight we’ll light a candle and spend some time thinking about our baby boy and what we want to do this year to honour and remember him; love him and keep him in our hearts with everything we do. (From top left: Odin’s hand print, ornament made by Angela, Odin’s bracelet from the hospital, Nana Zarnke reading Odin’s special book “The Boy Who Lost His Name” to Clara, Odin in stones from far away, the butterfly from the BFO release in September, our favourite photo of Odin with his candle, my dad’s Odin talisman, me 21 weeks pregnant with Odin.) From Instagram.


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